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I was getting noticeably stronger, and for the first time in my life I had real muscle definition, although, I still paled in comparison to Jared’s physique.We normally wore loose t-shirts and loose, mid-thigh length exercise shorts, along with our running shoes.Our best friends, who are next door to us, moved in a short time before us.They are a black couple named Jared and Latoya, who were also thirty-nine, with a daughter named Shona who was sixteen.I did a little research on the internet and found an article that summarized several, supposedly scientific, studies.They concluded that, on average, black cocks were one to one and a half inches longer than whites, and thicker.There was also some discussion about how black men tended to have bigger and lower-hanging testicles, but there was not much definitive research on that.I’ve never had even the least bit of attraction to men sexually, and had never really paid much attention to other men’s cocks.

Lindsey and Shona went to high school together and became best friends from the moment they met.It took my family quite a while to get used to the lifestyle in Las Vegas after moving there from New York.My name is Connor, and my wife Megan and I grew up and went to college on Long Island.That accounted for the way black cocks seem to look so thick and meaty when soft and hanging out.

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They gave examples of black men who might be eight inches long soft, that grew to a little over ten inches.My soft dick is only two inches long and very thin, and it grows to almost five inches on hard, with what I guess is a normal thickness.