Celebrity dating tv show

05-Sep-2017 10:40

She said: “I just hoped I wouldn’t come across as rude or ungrateful or anything when I said no.

“I haven’t spoken to him since but one of the dating advisers messaged me saying, ‘I can’t believe you pied Arg, that’s so cruel’.” Lauren, currently finishing her final year of a geography degree in Newcastle, said she had no regrets after turning Arg down.

She then turned down his request for a date, saying: “I think you are so cool and you’re so nice but I don’t know if there’s a connection.” Arg said afterwards he was “absolutely gutted”, having said beforehand that she could be “the one”.

The painful moment was captured on Twitter by the show’s official account, which repeated the clip with the caption: “When you don’t remember someone from the night before.” One viewer wrote on social media: “At least Lauren was up front and didn’t go on a date with Arg for 15 min of fame.” Another wrote: “Awww that Dundee lassy pied Arg.” Lauren added that she had gone in with no expectations of finding love on the show.

She enjoys many titles: an accomplished dancer, founder of a modern dance company, a single mother of three adopted children, a talk show host, a business woman, and a wife of an interracial marriage.

Lauren told the Tele she had “no regrets” about rejecting the 29-year-old, who describes her as “super fit” during the show.

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