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His function is to lend street credibility to a cabinet of Old Etonians, just as bluff John Prescott was a necessary foil for patrician Tony Blair. He's doing awfully well, and if anyone says we're the slightest bit elitist, we point them straight to him." And why, to come full circle, is the Emma Morley character in One Day from Leeds in the first place? well, I'm not sure that's what the Angry Young Men of 50 years ago had in mind.Yes, Radio 3 now has plenty of northern voices, but I still think of it as an Oxford college, where the top brass convene for sherry as dusk falls, one gowned figure muttering to another, "Have you come across Ian Mc Millan? It is to underline the fact that despite being attractive and morally grounded, she is gauche, socially under-confident, unwilling therefore to force herself upon the public schoolboy she loves. It has long signified down-to-earth trustworthiness. For example, when I was a boy, the world was full of shifty double-glazing salesmen, so when Everest Double Glazing mounted a big television advertising campaign, it recruited the bluff Derbyshire dairy farmer and radio personality Ted Moult to front it.Today, the automated voice of Barclaycard opens proceedings with a brisk, "Hi there, welcome ter Barcl-i-card." Jane Horrocks and Prunella Scales came over all Last of the Summer Wine in that Tesco advert about fish, and Sean Bean is the voice of O2: "Surprises of all sizes, every time yer top up." In an increasingly atomised and globalised world, a northern voice means localism, familiarity, community values. He is Del Boy, the sole trader, the volatile free market personified.As Stuart Maconie writes in his best-selling love letter to the North, Pies and Prejudice, "It is apparently quite acceptable in the boozers and parlours of Stepney and Poplar for a grown man, when asked of his livelihood, to reply, 'Oh, bit of this, bit of that, bobbin' and weavin', you know.' In Halifax and Huyton," Maconie continues, "we call this 'being unemployed'." It seems that Liverpudlian and Birmingham accents won't do either.These came towards the top in a survey of the nation's least favourite accents conducted by the BBC in 2005.(The character, Emma Morley, is supposed to be from Leeds.) I found myself fairly convinced, partly because Hathaway resembles a younger, infinitely chicer version of Hilda Ogden, what with blubbery lips, slightly protuberant eyes, and endearingly flat-footed walk.

Geordie is very strong at the moment, and Scouse." He thinks the strength of the Geordie accent might be to do with a "Cheryl Cole effect", while Scouse stays strong because of the ongoing need of Liverpudlians to differentiate themselves from their regional rivals in Manchester.

It was no longer necessary to have elocution lessons – at least, not if you were confident. At university among southerners, I would come to a word like "pub" and I would hesitate before the northern "U" so boldly employed today by Sean Bean when he says "top-up" for O2. (I had the same difficulty with the word "love", by the way, but that didn't come up as often).

If I essayed "pub" with the short "U" it was as if a sudden flash of lighting would disclose a Lowry-esque townscape behind me, all smoking chimneys and men in flat caps walking whippets. So whereas back then I would often half-suppress my northern-nesss, the times now seem to demand that I maximise it, and I can't believe that elocution teacher of my childhood is still in business – unless she's teaching reverse elocution.

Two years ago when I presented a television documentary, someone else said, "You were hamming up the Yorkshire accent weren't you?

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" And there, in sum, is the social history of our time.

But internal migration and globalisation have meant a "loss of nuance" in between the epicentres.

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