Dating people in pain

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As you focus on different things, you can change your bodies responces to the pain. P.champ=calgary headache assessment management program Long waiting list....worth it. They also use it for chronic pain and it is covered by Alberta blue cross non group coverage. Time, patience, water therapy- swimming, then hot tub then cold shower.. As you manage your pain, your ability to withstand more pain increases. the only way to get to any of this *is the experience with your body and it's pain* over time. Sometimes you need to explore more than one practitioner just like you'd see more than one doctor.Do it often enough, and the change becomes easier and easier until you don't think of it anymore. Positive attitude and a will to maintain the quality of life you desire. Some specialize in different areas, like migraines or back pain and others are more general.You should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water each day! I really appreciate everyone taking the time to respond.So if you weigh 200 lbs you need to drink 100 ounces of water. Was starting to wonder if posting something so personal was a bad move on my part...Since this was from a car accident where your body took an energetic "hit" I'd explore energetic medicine like acupuncture or chiropractic. I have treated patients carrying around pain for years that needed a pathway out of their body.

The inflammation from allergic reactions in the body can cause chronic pain. I was in a very serious car accident, and have some kind of unresolved 'issue' - either a fracture that has yet to be discovered, or some kind of soft tissue injury.... As for painkillers, they only mask the problem and sometimes you do more damage than good from them.

i crushed my fingers in a forkliftn they ache so i hit em with a piece of woodthey still hurt but slowly the constant hitting em will desensitize them and they wont hurtthe pain will go away with time but u must get used to it n accept itif u try n cover it with drugs n painkillers itll only get worseyour brain sends natural painkillers to the site of pain , try meditation n creative visualization oh and hit it with wood so it hurts moreno pain no gain TX_kanuck.....into the C. I encourage my patients to use several modalities simultaneously.