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That was the major outcry of Lifetime’s “Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story” based on Dustin Powers’ book, “Behind the Bell,” that premiered earlier in 2015.

So, the natural question for Lifetime’s “Unauthorized Full House Story” is what’s true and what’s not.

As they watched, Cameron was checking out the guys on the ice and pointed out Val Bure.

After the game, Coulier introduced them and they were engaged less than a year later.

OMG, DJ and the most popular girl wore the same dress to the BIG dance!!

Yikes, Michelle is helping Joey do the laundry and used too much soap!!! Uncle Jessie with all that hair and strutting like Elvis was just sooooo cool.

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See more » In later episodes, the door to the attic is located before the last set of stairs in the upstairs hallway. Instead, there's just a wall with a picture hanging.

– Jeff Franklin stepped down as showrunner for last two seasons: With the success of “Full House,” Jeff Franklin became a hot commodity at ABC. Cooper,” putting Marc Warren in charge from 1993-1995.

Warren would go on to oversee several other family shows on the Disney Channel — including “Even Stevens — while Franklin will return to his “Full House” family with “Fuller House.” – John Stamos and Paula Abdul were absolutely a thing: Yes, John Stamos did have a fling with Paula Abdul while filming “Full House.” Check out the pop star’s flashback Instagram for the proof: – Dave Coulier did introduce Candace Cameron Bure to her future husband at a celebrity hockey match: During the final season of filming “Full House,” Candace Cameron and Loughlin went to see Dave Coulier play in a celebrity charity hockey game.

Zap2it did some digging, and it turns out that while the movie and cast don’t bear physical resemblance to the original cast they did stay pretty close to real events — even if they left big ones out.

RELATED: Yes, John Stamos wanted the Olsen twins fired from ‘Full House’ – Dave Coulier really did get offered a role on “Saturday Night Live”: It’s true that before “Full House” Coulier had been offered a spot on the NBC sketch show.

RELATED: Olsen twins teetering on joining ‘Fuller House’ – Dave Coulier and Alanis Morissette: Coulier fully admits to dating female rocker Alanis Morissette during the filming of “Full House.” However, the Lifetime film doesn’t touch the subject with a 50-foot pole.

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