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20-Oct-2017 13:50

Also, they are not charged for incoming calls there..out going calls. It may be the most reliable way to contact a lady if mail gets stolen, or she has no email address. Pros: can't be stolen, fast, secure and private, free, etc, etc.

The popular thing is texting each other for only 1 peso in country, although it costs 25 pesos to text overseas. You can send a text message to their cell number free at and it is cheaper for them to text you back at chikka. Cons: costs the lady money usually at an internet cafe, she may ask you for money for it, she may be talking to many other men, she may be into chat rooms with a lot of men, etc.

My Way mail is one of the few that doesn't have a restriction.

Also, Philippine servers go down a lot, or power outages (common there) may cause delayed messages for a day or so.

One needs to sift the wheat from the chaff, and find the one right for them... If you do it (write to many ladies), then don't be hurt if you find she does it, too. The lady will ask for opinions and advice and your words and pictures should reflect understanding that others will see them. Most of these ladies are "good girls" and in their culture that means virgin, innocent and very unworldly. Men who talk sex right off or ask for new pictures of Filipinas will find they shock the lady and she will be disgusted.

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They may have a cheap or disposable phone without a plan, because they can just buy phone cards cheap.

Some men have even told me they had such poor luck with those with email addresses that they would only contact those without it.

I have heard of men sending thousands of dollars before they realized they were being used.... While it is true most have real needs there, it is bad manners to ask for money and most won't.

Frequent letters also show interest and will make a good impression.

If your pen pal gets a letter every week from you, and a letter once a month from another pen pal, though he be well-to-do, guess who she will feel cares the most about her?

If you know they are honest, and wish to help them with cash, that is your choice.