Hindutva crazies on dating of the rig veda

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It is not known if Mortimer Wheeler was influenced by Ramprasad Chanda's theories or not [4].However, when archaeology could not produce more evidence to signs of war in the Indus valley civilisation, the scholarship moved towards a milder version of the AIT known as the Aryan Migration Theory (AMT).

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His time of 1800 BCE for Aryan invasion fit perfectly with the timelines Max Muller had given for the Rig Veda.Proponents of AIT/AMT who were confident that science would back their theory were taken aback.These genetic studies also settled the debate on whether Indo-Aryans and Europeans were related. The R1a haplogroup [18] that is common among modern-day North Indians is also found in a significant population of the Europeans.While AIT was the dominant theory in the first half of the 20th century, the AMT garnered more support in the later half.

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Several hypotheses for the Indo-European homeland were proposed during this period.

Through the 19th century, linguists worked towards establishing relationships between languages and classifying them. During this time, under the influence of his mentor Eugene Burnhof, Muller began studying the Rig Veda (the evolution of languages has to be studied in relation to cultural development.