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And, to be honest, a lot of them want sex, just like anybody else."When Rosemary Maness first said she wanted to marry, Powers advised her to wait a few months to think it over."But she just said, 'no,' and marched out mad as a snake," Powers said. A 68-year-old Columbia, Tenn., pastor faces rape charges stemming from allegations he had a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old woman with intellectual disabilities.The allegations came to light after the young woman told her mother about the relationship.For some men, intellectual women have it all--great conversation skills, profound insights and sharp wit.Offering more than just a pretty face, an intellectual woman can challenge, engage and understand you, and unlike her less intelligent counterparts, she's likely to intrigue you for years to come.Everyone is passionate in their own way, and while the Intellectual will be very well-read on how to be intimate, they might not be as experienced.

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Often, smart women don't realize that they are sending out this "unapproachable" signal, and they may be frustrated and confused because men don't ask them out more often.

Many people with intellectual disabilities yearn for intimacy — for sex, love and marriage, said Katie Powers, an administrator with Developmental Services of Dickson County. ' " The couple married two months later, after some frank counseling on sex and intimacy, Powers said.

Her agency provides caretakers for Rosemary and Coy Maness, who met at agency dances and outings, decided to marry and approached Powers with their decision."Their IQ doesn't determine their feelings or needs," she said. They don't get a lot of touch or a lot of affection. But there are also individuals with severe disabilities who do not have the capacity to make such decisions, and for whom intimate relationships are not appropriate.

While the relationship would raise moral and ethical questions even if the woman did not have a disability, it resulted in criminal charges only because she did.

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David Zeigler is being prosecuted under the portion of Tennessee state law that defines rape, in part, as when a perpetrator "knows or has reason to believe that the victim is mentally defective, mentally incapacitated or physically helpless."'A sticky issue'The same law has had a chilling effect on private care agencies and on conservators, concerned about legal liabilities.

Asked about her marriage, Rosemary Maness patted her chest and said, "He's just ...

Other than a polite hi I actually sat back and chilled as they all talked.… continue reading »

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