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This code can then be executed by certain nodes, called Active Nodes, inside the network.AIM is an instant messaging and presence application that enables users to conduct person-to-person instant messaging, chatroom messaging, peer-to-peer file sharing and facebook support, among other features.AFP currently supports Unicode file names, POSIX and access control list permissions, resource forks, named extended attributes, and advanced file locking Active Networks (AN) is a networking technology used to enable unique processing of each network packet.This is accomplished by sending the proper processing code along with the payload of each packet, or in a separate control flow.A network protocol that offers file services for Mac OS X and original Mac OS.In Mac OS X, AFP is one of several file services supported including Server Message Block (SMB), Network File System (NFS), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and Web DAV.DIIOP allows external programs to attach to, and manipulate Domino databases.

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A link layer communications protocol for use on point-to-point serial links.

For end-to-end tunnels, the new mode provides limited tunnel mode semantics without the regular tunnel mode overhead.

The mode is intended to support new uses of ESP, including mobility and multi-address multi-homing.

It is used extensively on amateur packet radio networks.

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It occupies the first, second, and often the third layers of the OSI networking model, and is responsible for transferring data (encapsulated in packets) between nodes and detecting errors introduced by the communications channel.Blaze File Server is a remote file sharing system designed specifically for Macs.