Physical chemistry in dating

18-Nov-2017 15:47

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Walls are coming down, and baggage from past relationships is being addressed and is staying in the past.To have emotional chemistry with someone is allowing them to see you at your lowest lows; everything from when you are sick and coughing up a lung and there’s a pile of tissues next to you that’s way too high, to when someone close to you has passed away and all you need to do is cry and be held.While you and your partner could have different interests, you both may have an equal level of intellectual curiosity for learning and trying new things, especially with each other.You may also enjoy challenging each other intellectually and make the other person think about things in a completely new way.Intellectual chemistry is apparent very early in a relationship and helps keeps the relationship fun, interesting, and engaging.

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My quick and easy go-to response is, “I am in graduate school.” When I eventually told him what for, he enthusiastically responded, “Wow! ” Typically upon hearing this news, people respond in a variety of ways including their terrible experience in therapy, how they feel like they are their own friends’ and families’ therapist too, their crazy friend who want to do that? Instead of going on a whole spiel about his opinion on therapy, he simply asked me, “What do you think makes relationships most successful?You probably have great intellectual chemistry with most of the important people in your life, including your best friends.

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