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Since sleep deprivation itself has an antidepressant effect, researchers have proposed that early morning awakenings in depressed patients reflect a compensatory response to help reduce depression.

Some researchers have gone so far as to say that depression is primarily a sleep disorder.

It was pretty mentally stimulating (and potentiated other stimulants)... However, the dealbreaker was that it would render me completely exhausted/fatigued the next day. Mirtazapine can be annoying with side effects sometimes.

I was pretty jacked up and alert, but could barely get around. The effects aren't felt that much but it changes your state of mind. if you take it ~10-30mg sublingually you can feel the 5ht2c antagonism decently strong.

The picture is muddied by the fact that insomnia is a common bedfellow to depression.

Riemann argues that "REM sleep alterations have been recently considered not only as biological "scars" but as true endophenotypes of depression.".Agomelatine is a melatoninergic antidepressant developed by Servier and marketed under the trade names Valdoxan, Melitor, and Thymanax.Unlike most conventional antidepressants, agomelatine's mechanism does not hinge on boosting monoamines (e.g., serotonin).I had tried perhaps six SSRIs/SNRIs before Valdoxan and it worked better than most with few side effects. Normally I wake up and feel like I have been hit by a train, but on agomelatine I would get out of bed immediately upon waking and feel fine.

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My sleep time was reduced from ~10 hours to ~6 hours, and I was able to fall asleep every night.

Most antidepressants, independent of class, profoundly suppress rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.