Siwon dating sooyoung

17-Jul-2017 18:30

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While she is very young, she portrayed a character of sweetness and innocence in the show and I think it really tugged at people's heart strings.

What if I went to you and said You are plastic, you don't sing or act well. YOu r the most ugliest and stupidest person I've ever met. And also when i watched the music video of gee by girls generation (first time watched 1 of the song of snsd) she is the one who catch my attention,honestly.

You have grown tremendously as a actress, especially on Prime Minister & I. And about your voice Don't worry no one is perfect even you can't sing well like taeyond but your Voice so sweet and Cute . and finally I want to tell you that I am ur fan I don't care you has plastic surgery or not !

I have watched lots of drama and Prime Minister & I is the only drama I can watch over and over. Your fan here will always support you no matter what.. You know it doesn't matter how she looks even though I think she is the prettiest girl in the world. I was watching weekly idol about 3 months ago, Ji- Yeon got first on the prettiest face. Not yet finish yet You are so kind heart I think You never jealous instead you love your unnie and always worry and take care them even you are second maekne in group .

Love rain, The K2 & The king in love are the best drama of Yoona so far. I fell in love of korean drama because of you aside of 'boys over flower'. GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR ACTING CAREER AS WELL AS MEMBER OF GIRLS' GENERATION *_* don't be affected of what saying of others fan of you unnie .. I like her acting though except in the love scenes I ship Yoona, Sooyoung&Yuri for doing great jobs in acting respectively... wow what a great performance you've done in Prime Minister and I... ) it was a joy to watch the entertaining verbal sparring between the 2 leads. Yoona you not only the best dancers but also the best actor ..

The first ever yoong drama as a lead which is 'you're my destiny' really made me hooked and cry. But I don't get why she tends to pair up people a lot older than her in the past. just remember that Don't let peoples expectations of you shadow your career path. I'm a bias of Sooyoung since up to this moment i still can't erase My Spring Days of my mind but Yoona&Yuri aren't bad either... you caught my heart already and I always thinking of you...fight ms. The dialogue was refreshingly honest and comical that I eagerly look forward for their scenes together - a young girl who brought a breath of fresh air to the serious stoic man of a PM with her natural charm and honest youthful qualms and perky smile , patiently bearing with the PM' character and quirks despite being reprimanded countless times for her inquisitiveness to help. Although the lead role is not match enough (yoona and lee boem soo), the story is fun! Yoona I'm very interested in you because you are good, beautiful, cute, funny, I like you have a face so beautiful .. It is because of her that I was introduced into KPOP world which I used to hate.

and yoona was at her best acting-wise even notable critics praised her acting.. She is not the best singer in SNSD but she can carry a tune... Adding her on style of dancing she definitely is one of the best. I'm hoping for yoona's success as an actress and an idol... she's one of the most talented young korean stars in her generation!!! i love her in you are my destiny i have watched it twice!!!