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Air Force Sergeant Leonard Matlovich, a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, is given a “general” discharge by the air force after publicly declaring his homosexuality.Matlovich, who appeared in his air force uniform on the cover of Time magazine above the headline “I AM A HOMOSEXUAL,” was challenging...Paratroopers dropped in advance of the invasion would disrupt transportation and repel Cuban forces.Simultaneously, a smaller force would land on the east coast of Cuba to create confusion.José Miró Cardona led the anti-Castro Cuban exiles in the United States.A former member of Castro's government, he was the head of the Cuban Revolutionary Council, an exile committee.

The coal mine, where 284 workers were on duty on October 22, was owned by Phelps, Dodge and...

In his televised speech, he condemned Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev for the “clandestine, reckless... The rising tide of guerrilla activity in South Vietnam reached an estimated 30 terrorist incidents by the end... In Saigon, Henry Kissinger meets with South Vietnamese President Thieu to secure his approval of a proposed cease-fire that had been worked out at the secret peace talks with the North Vietnamese in Paris.