Who is justine bateman dating

17-Nov-2017 16:08

Jason, 19, has been accused of having a swelled head, cold-shouldering the fans who wait outside the studio where he films NBC’s Valerie’s Family.

Certainly the Batemans have had more than their fair share of problems of late.

“You dress like your sister,” a visitor suggests, as Bateman settles down to talk in his near-barren living quarters. Jason has been putting his shoulder to the showbiz wheel since age 5, when his director father put him in a commercial he was shooting.

Recruited in 1982 to play Silver Spoons star Ricky Schroder’s humorously obnoxious pal, Jason was soon posing a threat to Schroder’s popularity.

In 1979, Leif began dating actress Nicollette Sheridan, then only 15.

His friend in the passenger seat, Roland Winkler, was partially paralyzed for the rest of his life as a result.

I mean, you know, if they're offering me the lead, the script ain't that great.

As it turns out, they’ve heard all of the above allegations as well as some new ones. ” Switching tones, Justine reaches across the black lacquer table and points to the scars on her wrist. A dedicated club-hopper—”I like to go dancing, have a few beers”—Justine also says, “I like being alone too.

Chain-smoking in her gloriously modern pink-and-white-walled home, Justine turns ashen with anger when she talks about the rumors that rippled through town last summer when she was hospitalized for a ruptured appendix. That’s all there is to it.” Since both her parents were out of town, she reached out to brother Jason, who called an ambulance. I have days where it’s ‘God, get me a shot of tequila.’ But I don’t have a general rule about it.” Despite the punk duds and late-night howling, Bateman denies she’s on a fast track of self-destruction.