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05-Jan-2018 08:00

What is it about that keeps you coming back to host year after year? The hosting part I love, but to be honest with you, I love the process of sharing the stories.

I think that's what keeps me really engaged is that the teams are so excited.

Keoghan, who moderated a Q&A session with reporters, positioned this season's cast, which ranges from You Tube sensation Tyler Oakley to Marty Cobb (whose flight-attendant demonstration video went viral in 2015), as “an experiment that will hopefully bring social media fans to to see their favorite media makers.” “We’re used to controlling our own content, so this was a good experience,” said castmember Joslyn Davis, host of the You Tube channel Clevver, about her experience filming this season of the long-running series. We put our potential teams out and we look at the short list and we really want to have a mix of older and younger, single, a mother and a daughter, and so on.

Burnie Burns, the creator of gaming You Tube channel Rooster Teeth, added, “We had to get used to not having our phones — it was kind of refreshing though.” After the panel, Keoghan spoke with When you were thinking about this season and looking at figures within social media, were you trying to find a diverse group like you have here? We want rich, poor, tall, short, smart, fit, not fit.

I actually suggested it some time ago before it was done on , so it makes sense that people would wonder about more coming on.

On a personal level, I'm less of a fan of that than I am in bringing in some new person with a unique personality.

Many considered the entry of these courageous underdogs, racing as a team of 4 against teams of 10, a joke.

Following the original course and schedule, riding a vintage bike, Phil and his team will average 150 miles a day for 22 stages.168 riders started the more than 3,500-mile race, only 41 finished.Surprisingly this remarkable story about the achievements of these brave athletes has never been told on film, until now.It's pretty brutal because we shoot 12 shows in 21 days with non-stop action.

I think a lot of them would need down time and rest. Sarah Jessica Parker, I remember, mentioned it once.

I keep in contact with a lot of them, but yeah, you can rest assured that they're pitching themselves to come back.

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