Wow armory not updating my character mike tyson dating

20-Jan-2018 17:57

It has toons from my other inactive accounts mixed in with this one. Thanks This is very likely one of our ongoing caching issues.

It insists on remembering toons that have been deleted ages ago.

You'll need to delete those characters from the Wo W account in question.

The app doesn't display these characters on your character list in any sort of unique way, it merely shows what already exists.

Anything else I either redirect or provide a quick response based on my experience and understanding of Wo W's back end.

@Amaryllís: I've forwarded this to an engineer who will address this when s/he has a chance. I'm tracking this and will let you know when it's potentially been taken care of.

Hello, I have my two toon that always show a different levels each time i log in.

It's very likely that the Trial Wo W license and your current Wo W license are not one and the same.

=\Server: Runetotem Character: Scootaloo Personnally, i have deleted toon still showing on both mobile and here on my profile (2 of them have been deleted years ago and another a couple days)who could help me to remove those, from what i am reading you only help with mobile, what about those on my profile ?

(i guess if they werent on my profile they wouldnt be on my mobile)Hello, I have three characters showing up on my Wo W Armory app that were deleted back in 2007 (as far as I can remember since that was the last time I played prior to reactivating my account).

If that is the case, you may wish to request that a customer support rep remove these characters.

I don't know if they will offer this service, so you should follow up by speaking with a billing rep.Name: Qwentus Realm: Altar of Storms Thanks Hey, Wilebosk, thanks for consistently providing support for this app.

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